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Change your social media traffic to lead generation

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What you think. Is social media plays a big part in your marketing strategy?

Changing your traffic from social media to sales is tricky, especially if your budget is limited. Your social media traffic will increase if you engage and build relationships on each network. As we all know, social media has the ability to give you more traffic to your site. Your business simply can’t ignore social media marketing. There is always improvement in social media marketing. Day to day there are ways to win more traffic with social media. There are also many techniques or strategy that will leave you to search for answers on the social media platform. There are more than 2 billion active members are only on Facebook and also there are many social networking sites are there, you can imagine how many traffic you can get from social media. But before all those ideas you should have maintained data in your database. Then only your resources you spend on social media has to lead to sales. 32% of B2B marketers are sophisticated/mature with content marketing. (

Social Media Marketing

As a B2B marketer, you don’t have a start on social media. Because you have optimized your website for changing your social media traffic to lead conversion. Engage with your prospective audience as much as you can. This is an important task in the start. Share a meaningful and attractive content on your social media site. So your audience will show interest and come to your website directly.

A retargeting ad is the best solution or feature you can say in your social toolkit. Facebook, Twitter allow you to retarget your website visitors on their platform. In the time period, as your brand becomes more active on social media, you will get more leads and also mentions from people on the platform. If tour motto is about getting money from people by pushing them to buy, people will never ever show any interest to buy your services and products.

As you already have access to your prospective customers, you can nurture your traffic by providing relevant content. With a unique content, you can connect with more people and convert them to leads.

Once you have established a social media presence, you have to focus more on the particular social media site in which more audiences are visiting. It totally depends on you to whom you want to target and what you do to come to the website. After a small research, you can get an idea which social media is supplying you with steady and potential customers. You can do it easily by audit your social networking channels.

Although you may be shifting your marketing strategy and budget to social networking, there no 100% guarantee of success. As your competitors are changing their social media strategy regularly, it is also important as a B2B marketer, you should do the same for your brand visibility and more ROI. You will receive more mentions, as you become more active on social media.

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