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Does it still bother you to Purchase email lists?

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It’s a truth that acquiring email lists from the third party without a precise purpose and aim may hurt the delivery rate as well as your brand name. Now has close to about eighty percent of companies that rely on their private Database Policy due to digital marketing boom.

So why do companies still invest in email lists?

obtaining a list is not sufficient. If you’re seeing to produce higher ROI from your targeted campaigns, you require a targeted list that can make desired revenue. For example, Business X provides services to the Healthcare Industry. They need to advertise their future webinar to a group of decision makers from the healthcare sector.
Though, their in-house database partners were able to present contact file of only 3300 decision makers. In such cases, Business X has three options:
a) Drive multichannel marketing campaigns to acquire new Market Qualified Leads (MQLs),
b) Buy an Email List from a trusted vendor, or
c) Negotiate with publishers for an email blast targeting Data Scientists.


Well, that depends on time. you can choose all the options if you have time. If you have very less time you can choose options b,c or both. Buying a B2B Email List is risky unless you have got full confidence in the vendor.
Here are some probable hazards included in completely depending on third-party datasets or email lists.
Legal problems: Fines are huge if the data-set doesn’t comply with global email rules.
Sender Reputation: If not a proper contact, the receiver can get annoyed and consider you as spam.
Deliverability: Sequential active bounces give a major hit to email delivery.
The great message is that all these hazards can be killed. No matter where you’re collecting buyer data from, it all boils down to two parts – List Freshness and Correctness! Services like data appending and data enhancement can assure wanted effects to a great range.
Now the question is whether to buy or build an email list, even companies who are collecting their own opt-in contacts need database management services to maintain the quality.
How Carlsonsmedia created a successful marketing platform using targeted databases
We recently helped leading company with their marketing activity. The client hosted there summit’s in Huston, Texas


The in-house marketing team of the customer was operating the summit’s social media drives strongly but their drives failed to produce the necessary bookings.

Client Requirement:

Decision makers email list to drive summit’s registration through email campaign.


Our specialists were requested by the Client’s in-house marketing team – to purchase data-sets of decision makers. Carlsonsmedia presented them with the IT industry – CEO Email List and CFO Email List.

The Result:

The Summit was a great victory. Out of 5,800 registrations, the in-house marketing team produced 1734 bookings through our database.
So, talk to our 24/7 friendly experts with your marketing concerns. Leave a comment, if you liked this blog.

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