About Us

Through the era of Data-Driven Marketing

Since the early 1990s, Traditional Marketing slowly started fading away from the sales equation and Internet Marketing started replacing it. Eventually, almost every other entrepreneur started using the internet to promote, market, and sell their products and services. Within a short span of time, internet and its elements became of utmost important to every human being.  Today, marketing has become Data-Driven Marketing, where data plays the most important role.

Carl Jaxon and Steve Anderson were just another typical Salesmen Duo from Texas when they started their amazing journey together as partners. They always knew the true potential of data, and what they could achieve with it. Hence, like every other entrepreneurs, they started out small, travelling from places to places, events to events, organizations to organizations; and they collected as much information as they could. They spent hours together on market research, travelling, and data collection. After a couple of years of hard work and effort, CarlsonsMedia was officially institutionalized in 2010.

Ever since then, CarlsonsMedia has grown from a small basement establishment into a billion dollar organization. Today, for many Fortune 500 companies, when it comes to data, the first name that pops into their minds is CarlsonsMedia. With many years of expertise in B2B database marketing, CarlsonsMedia is one among the best data vendors in the data market.

Today, there are over million organizations in the United States itself that sell data. And what makes us different from all of the, is that we provide the best-in-class data to all our clients, and that we never fail to keep our promises. Our team of expert data scientists always make sure that the data we provide is 100% flawless. Our experts devote many hours into collecting, analyzing, and segmenting data in the right order. Our aim has always been to provide the best data to our clients that would enable them to drive their multichannel marketing campaigns much more easily, and we have been achieving this over the years with much less difficulty.

The question we get asked the most is “Why do your clients love you?”, and our answer is quite simple; “We give them exactly what they want”. Our team always analyzes the client’s requirement before they build our lists; thereby making it 100% foolproof. We understand the importance of targeting the right audience when you launch your multichannel marketing campaigns, and our team is more than dedicated to make sure that you end up targeting populations that best suit your marketing interests.

If you are looking forward to purchase data for your upcoming marketing ventures or events, do noth thing twice, pick up the phone and dial us right away +1 972 666 1218