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Group Practice Physician Lists

Group Practice Physician Lists

We have developed one of the most genuine, efficient, comprehensive and authentic Group Practice Physician Lists to help the people in medical sector to reach and connect with group practice physician instantly with just a click.

The ever growing medical sector serves as a huge and wide market place for medical vendors across the globe and the ever increasing demand for various medical professionals and various types of specialized physicians raise the competition among these professionals as well as among the market of medical vendors and marketers.

In a race to reach to the right and relevant target audience quickly and efficiently, a resourceful and highly effective email marketing list is a must-have. Our Group practice physicians mailing list serves this purpose.


Group practice physicians are a group of specialized physicians who work in a group to cure and treat some diseases and ailments of the patients. The can be categorized into two broad divides, some are specialized in the field of single specialty and can diagnose, treat and cure patients with specific diseases while the others are multi specialists and can deal with a wide variety of diseases and have a larger patient base according to their field of speciality.

Group practice physicians are also noticed to be more efficient and accurate in arriving at some decisions related to more serious and complex medical issues of their patients as group practice physicians can discuss among themselves and arrive at a decision which is more accurate and precise. They can all put in their knowledge and use it to make some important decisions about the medical issues of their patients.

We are eager to help medical vendors and marketers all around the globe by providing our best ever, updated, comprehensive, authentic, accurate, precise, veritable, genuine, result oriented, reliable, well researched, exhaustive, extensively detailed and all inclusive group practice physicians email lists.

Why CarlsonsMedia’s Group practice physicians decision makers list is a smart investment?

Our Group practice physicians email database is set and designed to increase your leads generation, and boost the rate of response for your email marketing campaign, it helps you to connect with your potential customers easily with carefully generated and designed database to give your medical email marketing a new kick start.

CarlsonsMedia’s List of Group practice physicians includes details and information like names of group practice physicians, residential address, business address, verified, valid and updated contact numbers, business contact numbers, verified, valid and updated Group practice physicians email address, hospital affiliation, revenue, patient volume, specialty, years in the industry, number of physicians, country, ZIP code and so on.

This extensively detailed Group practice physicians List offered by CarlsonsMedia is regularly revised and frequently upgraded to ensure that our customers receive the most valuable, reliable and accurate database which is sourced from trusted, verified and 100% reliable sources.

Our Lists comprising Group practice physicians stands up to the utmost validity and hence assures mind blowing results for your email marketing campaign. It reduces your time, energy and efforts to search and compile a database of group practice physicians to run a smooth email marketing campaign.

Our Group practice physicians decision makers list assures you an effective and optimized deliverability of your prospects to the right audience and makes sure that you land up into the inbox of most relevant and genuine audience and hence, saving you from unnecessary troubles.

We have developed comprehensive databases for the group practice physicians all over the world. We provide a ready to use Group practice physicians Lists for countries like Singapore, South Africa, Canada, USA, Germany, Italy, North America, Australia, Middle East States etc.


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Key Benefits

  • Above 90% deliverability ratio.
  • Tele-calling and direct marketing campaigns.
  • Increase in conversion ratio.
  • Maximized Sales & Return on Investment.
  • Cost Effective - Saving time and resources.