Global Data Base Platform 2017-2018

Industry DataSets

Industry Data-sets

Since there are over hundreds of industries and millions of businesses out there, B2B marketers should target their campaigns to the right audience; if they are expecting to reap good results. What always goes wrong is that many of the B2B marketers lack the resources to carry out their industry-based marketing campaigns. When you are working in the Healthcare Industry, launching your campaigns among Textile industry professionals is definitely a “moo point”.

For those of you who are still wondering, the Industry Mailing List developed by our experts from Carlsons Media is an ideal solution for making your B2B marketing campaigns a success story. Irrespective of your industry, we can provide you marketing information that would best suit all your upcoming marketing ventures.

Our Industry Datasets are appended by researching over 128 industries and over 100 million small businesses across the world. Having access to the Industry Wise Executives List is always an added advantage to your marketing team. You have the contact details of thousands of potential prospects, ready to be used perpetually, at just a single mouse click. The result is nothing but a big boom in your ROI.

Our experts are well-dedicated and well- experienced in maintaining a flawless Industry Email Lists database. Our team spends hours together, researching, analyzing, and appending our datasets, ensuring the quality and authenticity of our data.

With our lists, you can:

  • Get 100% genuine data

Our experts guarantee that the data we deliver is 100% genuine, where all the contacts are permission-based, and double verified to ensure high deliverability.

  • Reach prospects globally

With our cutting-edge data-gathering technology, we can provide you global marketing data, instead of local data.

  • Easily convert your prospects into buyers

With the right contact information from our end and the right marketing strategies from your end, you can easily convert each prospect into potential buyers.

  • Boost your ROI by 20 – 30%

It all will start making sense when you notice your ROI skyrocketing.


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